1. For programming consideration, the Festival accepts DVDs only. The Festival will not consider trailers for selection purposes.

2. The DVDs must be properly labelled with the Film Title, Director’s Name and Contacts, Year of production, Duration, Format and Subtitling if any.

3. For submissions coming outside India, the packages must be marked, For Festival and Cultural Purpose only, No Commercial Value.

4. Tick the categories in which you are competing in the above page.

5. Formats in which films should be given – avi, mov, mp4.

6. Duration of short animation and VFX films shall be of 10 seconds to 30 minutes and duration of feature film shall be 50 minutes to 2 hrs 30 mins in original language soundtrack with English subtitles. Films in any language other than Hindi & English need to be subtitled in English.

7. Entry forms should be sent to the festival office along with the film or participants can also be sent the scan copy of the form to [email protected] International participants can also send their films and form to [email protected]

8. Films must have been completed between 1st February 2015 to 1st February 2019. Eligibility will be determined by the declaration made by the entrant in the film entry form. For International films where no proof is available, the date of the first theatrical screening will be considered as the completion date.

9. Except for Indian films, the entries in this section should not have been released/shown in India.

10. Entrants must agree that if their film/films win any awards, all screenings thereafter will acknowledge the Award(s) on the film itself.

11. Films in the official program shall not be withdrawn from the festival program before or during the event.

To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements :

1. Be in their original language with English subtitles.

2. Have been completed after 1st February 2019.

3. All decisions made in Selections, Screenings, Awards and on the Festival by the festival appointed selection committee will be final.

4. In case of any disputes, the decision of the Festival Director will be final.

5. Once selected, the film shall not be withdrawn.

6. The last date of submissions of entries with all relevant documentation is 1st February 2019.

7. Filmmakers of officially selected films shall be informed by 7th February 2019.

8. There are ENTRY FEES for the submissions by Indian students & International students.

9. ENTRY FEES will be charged in the professional category.

10. There are NO ENTRY FEES for the films invited by the festival.

11. The student must submit the scanned copy of a bonafide certificate as confirmation of the fact that they are students.

12. Entries under the animation categories should have 75% of animation.

13. It is mandatory for all entries to carry Before & After shoots that will clearly demonstrate the effects achieved.

All selected films will be watched and rated by an Internal Selection Committee. This Committee will select the films that will be screened at the festival. In the second step, the Selection Committee of Juries will determine films running in competition.